Service upgrade: The Promotion Association organized some member companies to visit Zhongkun Petroleum



In order to strengthen mutual communication among member companies and promote internal consumption and business cooperation among member companies, on the afternoon of July 4, Zhang Jianhua, secretary-general of the County Promotion Association, was invited to lead some member companies to visit Zhongkun Petroleum.
Du Wei, general manager of Zhongkun Petroleum, and Sun Jian, director of industrial oil projects, welcomed the arrival of Secretary-General Zhang and his delegation, and led them to the comprehensive laboratory, R&D center, exhibition hall honor room, production workshop, raw material warehouse, etc. During the visit, we saw that the testing equipment and laboratory equipment for various base oils and refined oils in the laboratory are readily available, and the honorary indoor "high-tech enterprise", "Shandong Province Hidden Champion Enterprise" and other medals are shining brightly, and the on-site management in the workshop is neat and standardized. , The automatic perfusion is efficient and accurate, the raw materials and finished products are neatly placed, and the palletizing is standardized. Everyone shows their admiration.
Afterwards, everyone came to the newly built Kunwang Car Maintenance Center of Zhongkun Petroleum. This is the first Kunwang car maintenance flagship store built by Zhongkun Petroleum for transformation and upgrading and refined services to the field of vehicle maintenance. .
Lin Zhaojian, chairman of Zhongkun Petroleum, led everyone to visit the maintenance, car washing site and VIP room of Kunwang Car Maintenance Center, and then discussed and communicated with everyone in the conference room.
Chairman Lin expressed his welcome and gratitude to everyone for their presence and support, and introduced the product quality control of Zhongkun Petroleum Industrial Oil and the construction and operation planning of the Kunwang Automobile Maintenance Center. We all know that Zhongkun Petroleum, as a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of lubricating oil, grease and antifreeze, has become the leader of private enterprises in the industry after more than ten years of development and growth. The inspection and visit of the company are convincing and recognized in terms of production scale, on-site management, quality control, product research and development, etc.
In response to the situation that some of the visiting companies have already used Zhongkun products, and some are communicating and negotiating, Chairman Lin said that the stability and reliability of products will be taken as the life project of the company, and he will do his best to provide users with the best quality products and services. . Everyone expressed that they will further strengthen exchanges and communication, and expand the cooperation and use of Zhongkun products in due course.
Jiang Bo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Promotion Association, and the procurement and equipment management personnel of five companies, Huajian Aluminum, Hongtai Auto Parts, Hongxin Aluminum, Sanda Machinery, and Baxter Magnetoelectric, visited and communicated together.