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Work Environment


The company in 2011 on the new domestic leading lubricants to reconcile, filling equipment. And with the Institute of Petroleum Science and Technology reached a technical R & D cooperation matters. Lubricant selection of domestic and foreign high-quality base oil and Run British imports of additives, using the world's most advanced production technology, and fully guarantee the excellent quality of lubricants.
Antifreeze using the world's most advanced production technology and high-quality raw materials and additives to ensure that the Kun-feng antifreeze to meet the needs of high-end market. To ensure product quality, the company introduced two fully automatic reconciliation equipment and eight filling production lines, and equipped with advanced laboratories, laboratory equipment and industry testing equipment, the establishment of a complete scientific quality management system, has passed IS09001: 2008 international quality system certification, the current production technology in the Kun has reached the leading domestic level.
The company has advanced production equipment, complete the detection equipment, scientific management experience automatic filling line-line operation process.
Zhongkun grease to high-quality base oil and additives, using the most advanced technology from refining formula. Its product quality and quality, once listed by the majority of customer support and trust.

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