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In recent years, Shandong Zhongkun Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. will R & D career in an important strategic position, established a new R & D concept, stressed not only to keep up with changes in the market, but also to focus on the future market development: not only to To meet the needs of the public, but also must guide its consumption orientation, in the pursuit of advanced technology at the same time, should take into account the public understanding and recognition of technology.
In 2013 the company equipped with a professional and technical strength to establish a large integrated laboratory, research and development center. To tie in with the R & D system. The company has also strengthened and adjusted the functions related to R & D, grasped the social development trends, helped develop its own R & D plan, and obtained the most cutting-edge knowledge through cooperation with experts such as China University of Petroleum, Sinopec Institute and Shijiazhuang Institute Limit the application of research and development results.
Recently the company approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department of heavy duty free replacement of anhydrous coolant development projects, and the establishment of Weifang City natural gas engine lubricants engineering technology research and development center.

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