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Development and Reform Commission early warning oil supply in the second quarter

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Domestic refined oil consumption growth is higher than the increase in production The industry has not yet formed the oil shortage of refined oil supply has reached the critical juncture. The following are the same as the "

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that the second quarter is the traditional consumption season of domestic refined oil, coupled with tight supply of electricity in some areas, is expected to domestic oil supply situation is not optimistic. National production growth rate less than demand Development and Reform Commission data show that in April this year, refined oil production continued to grow, the output of a total of 87.53 million tons, an increase of 9.7%. The diesel growth rate (11.1%) was higher than gasoline (7.7%) and kerosene (5.3%). The following are the same as the "

However, the continued growth of production is still difficult to solve the market thirsty

Winter and drought and spring tillage superimposed, diesel demand, domestic consumption of refined oil increased higher than the increase in production. Since April, more than the provincial power supply, social power demand increased, further stimulating the consumption of diesel. Reform Commission data show that a quarter of refined oil consumption of 61.87 million tons, an increase of 13.6%, higher than the simultaneous output growth of 3.6 percentage points. Which diesel consumption grew 15.1%. The following are the same as the "

Qi Wang energy oil analyst Liao Kaidun pointed out that the current resources are tight, but not to the point of oil shortage. "The third quarter is the gasoline consumption season, diesel relatively off-season, but be alert to the oil on behalf of the sudden amplification of diesel demand." "Loss of enterprises should sell refinery," Development and Reform Commission also pointed out that the domestic refined oil and crude oil prices lower, In the first quarter, the industry realized a profit of 14.9 billion yuan, down 16.2% year on year; the number of loss-making enterprises increased by 11%, and the loss of the loss-making enterprises was about 6 billion yuan, 4.4 times over the same period last year. Development and Reform Commission said that on April 7 raised oil prices, business pressure has eased, but a considerable number of enterprises are still at a loss. The following are the same as the "

In fact, PetroChina, Sinopec also frequently outrage. A quarterly report shows that PetroChina reported a loss of 6.132 billion yuan in refining, Sinopec loss of 576 million yuan. In the refining sector profit loss at the same time, the two major oil companies to earn all the commune bowl, a quarter of a total net profit of 57.5 billion yuan, more than three times the industry profits. The following are the same as the "

Guangdong Oil and Gas Chamber of Commerce Minister Yao Daming suggested that shouting the loss of the enterprise can sell their own plate to sell. "Now want to buy a lot of refineries, Sinochem Group, CNOOC and other state-owned large enterprises are willing to accept the loss of refineries, Sinochem Group also went to Korea to buy refinery resistance. The two groups shouted loss for many years, Since the loss, it is better to sell, but also conducive to the optimization and integration of the industry. "Yao Daming said. According to "New Express"

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