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Charm Yishan

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Yishan Scenic Area is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, Linqu County 45 kilometers south, is a national AAAA level tourist area, the national forest park, Shandong Province scenic area, with a total area of ​​65 square kilometers. Yishan Scenic Area 230 kilometers east of Qingdao, close to the provincial highway sheep Road; west of Tai'an 140 km, the West exit Taihe Road; south of Linyi City, 150 km; North Jiqinggaosu Highway 65 km. Road traffic is very convenient.
Yishan ancient called "sea", "Dongtai Mountain," said, ranking first in the top five Chinese town. Su enjoy "Taishan for the Five Sacred Mountains of respect, Yishan for the five town of the first" reputation. The main peak of Jade Emperor 1032 meters above sea level, known as "Lu in the mountains." Yishan is a long history of cultural mountains. "Historical Records" contained, the Yellow Emperor had Dengfeng Hill. Shun Zhaozhou closed mountain, Dingyi mountain for the town. Emperor Wu of the pro to its next, so that the ceremony of the worship of the. Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties repeated by the seal, sacrifice is not waste. Past celebrities admire Yishan, followed. Li Bai, Ou Dao Yuan, Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, Su Shi, Su Zhe, as well as Ming champion Ma Yu, Zhao Bingzhong, Qing Dynasty body Rendezvous Liu Yong and so on to this Range Rover, leaving a large number of poems and monuments inscriptions.
Yishan forest coverage rate of 98.6%, the most in Shandong Province, a wide range of plants. According to statistics, a total of 137 families, 480 genera, more than 1,000 species. To pine, acacia, oak as the main tree species, as well as water elm squid, three birds and other precious tree species. Yishan is rich in natural resources, air negative oxygen ion content of up to 89,000 per cubic centimeter, is blessed with "natural oxygen bar." Autumn to Yishan, mountain fruit everywhere, autumn; winter to Yishan, silver loaded, suspected into the fairyland.
Yishan's main natural landscape are: Yuhuangding, Lion Gushan, tilted head and gully, Baizhang cliff waterfall, ancient pine group, jade belt Creek, holy water lake, filial cliff, white stone waterfall, dragon Grand Canyon, black pine forest, fairy valley, Valley and so on. In the Jade Emperor looked up, sun and the moon down, white clouds top, overlooking the radius of Barry scenery, glance; tilt head and valley towering towering, towering dome, cliff if the split, in the top of the Gushi, rock stack, Set the volley; Lion Gush like a huge lion, lying on the top of the Jade Emperor, like the king of the town. Baizhang cliff waterfall drop 68 meters, one for the Linqu eight.
The main cultural landscape are: Fa Yun Temple, East Town Temple, Yuhuangge, Bixia Temple, Xianke Ting, Gongxi Pavilion, black and so on. Yishan is a magmatic rocky mountainous area, with granite, gneiss mainly sandstone, rocky weathering is better, soil layer is more loose parent material. Affected by terrain and forest environment, forest park climate is obvious, the annual average temperature of 10.8oC, annual precipitation of 849.5 mm.




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