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"Zhongkun Lubricants" strong landing in the 80th Xi'an National Auto Parts Association

Number of visits: Date:2016-11-1

2016 National Auto Parts Fair and the National Auto Parts Sourcing Fair will be held October 28, 2016 - 30 in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center was held. This exhibition will attract domestic and foreign mainstream automotive oil brand exhibitors, the global automotive oil giant together, specifications, lineup again upgrade. 3 days to visit the total number of times again to refresh the historical record, in the Kun oil booth is full of people, participants in a continuous line. In the final oil is even more impressive results perfect ending, reputation reputation bumper harvest!

As the exhibitors of the Fair, in order to attract customers and suppliers of precision channels, to collect accurate information on customer groups, to promote investment work carried out, close contact with users, the market dynamics and market demand depth grasp. Zhongkun Oil will show in the show as a professional all-round professional automotive oil with a distinctive image, especially after a new round of product packaging and new listing, the majority of exhibitors will see a more image of the " In-kun oil "brand strength.

During the exhibition, Cunken Oil Company has prepared a lot of prizes for the customers, and the lottery has been set up during the exhibition. The customers are competing to participate in the lucky draw and make the best wishes for Zhongkun Oil. Site lucky customers also extracted by the Shandong Provincial Painting and Calligraphy Association members drawn beautifully painted.

More exciting is the "Zhongkun oil" this exhibition to bring the company's products debut, the venue shows the company's latest ultra-pressure Wang diesel oil, SN high-end motor oil, brake fluid and other mainstream products. Its products reflect the innovative fashion sense, showing the speed of high efficiency, high-end practical product performance, the use of exclusive control of the formula, the use of high-quality imported base oil, to meet or exceed the industrial standards of high-quality lubricants, for the automotive service center and the majority Owners provide a high level of products and services. Exhibition site, sales staff carefully answer the various problems of customers, customers explain in detail the advantages of the company's products, received the praise of customers.

The exhibition came to consult more than 600 customers, of which the effect of more than 50 customers, the scene signed a contract transaction customers 7. Zhong Kun people have been adhering to the "integrity, efficiency, innovation and win-win" business philosophy, so that product quality and service for our endorsement, because this will be in the industry farther and farther, each exhibition will bring us Not the same surprise, Zhong Kun people particularly grateful to all the friends of the concern and trust, but also wholeheartedly hope that the new partners to join the family in the Kun, together for the dream and struggle.

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