• Name: Super High-temperature Lithium Lubrication
  • NO.: D003
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It is made by adding structure improving agent and antioxygen additive into special fat lithium soap thickened ester base oil.
It has excellent mechanical stability, oxidation stability, thermal stability, cryogenic property and pumpability. Excellent mechanical stability and tightness can provide durable lubrication protection, and prolong fat change period.
It is suitable for lubrication of hub bearings, water pumps, fan spindle bearings and chassis of various automobiles, and gears, chain riding wheels, couplings, and other parts of high-temperature bearings, medium and heavy load balls, rollers, sliding bearings and baking equipment in petrochemical industry, spinning, printing and dyeing, steel, papermaking, and other industries, as well as lubrication of large motors.

Application Prompt:

Keep lubrication parts clean during use; keep from water and impurities during storage, transport and use; the mix with other lubricating greases is not allowed; no heating; level residual lubrication of barrel packing to prevent oil separation.