• Name: High-purity Glass Cleanser
  • NO.: C002
  • Views : 40

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Main Application:

Daily cleaning of auto glass (windshield and side mirror and upholstery mirror), various glass products, household glass, office glass, electroplated parts (auto plating decorating parts, and so on) and peach wood decorative sheets.
Product Characteristics:

It can rapidly permeate and defuse fog film, handprint, insect and dirt on the glass, and contains quick-acting solvent capable of rapidly cleaning and volatilizing. No trace remains on the glass after use, without affecting product quality.

Used for directly cleaning and agitating the product. Spread or spray the product on the surface of an object, uniformly wipe it with dry towel, and polish it. When used as replenisher, agitate the product, and directly add it into glass cleaner medicine box.

Keep away from children and fire; great pressure and impact are not allowed; keep from eyes and mouths. Cleaning utensils related to food is prohibited. Jiggle if there was fine sediment. Shake it before your use.