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Brand History

February 16, 2003 the company incorporated

February 1, 2004 by the China Pacific Insurance throughout the product underwriting quality;
February 1, 2004 China Taiping Insurance underwriting property insurance;
July 17, 2005 through the "IS0900: 2008 international quality management system certification";
April 12, 2006 and Beijing Auto Futian reached a designated package of cooperation;
March 5, 2007 and Run Ying Lian additives to reach technical cooperation;
April 15, 2010 won the "Shandong famous brand";
June 13, 2011 through the "CCTV advertising brand";
October 5, 2011 and Wuhan bus company reached a supporting cooperation;
March 15, 2011 as "3.15 consumer rights outstanding service units";
August 18, 2011 "People 's Republic of China Customs import and export goods registration certificate";
February 25, 2012 and the University of Petroleum reached a technical cooperation;
March 15, 2012 won the "China Lubricants Association member units";
April 1, 2012 "Rural Commercial Bank AAA credit units";
April 1, 2012 and Shijia Institute reached a technical cooperation;
May 18, 2012 as "national lubricants product quality notary top ten brands";
May 18, 2012 as "national quality assessment of qualified products";
November 6, 2012 won the "national technology enterprises";
December 22, 2012 won the "Shou contract re-credit business" title;
November 11, 2012 Zhongkun products exported to Pakistan
December 27, 2012 "National Quality Supervision Bureau sampling qualified products";
May 12, 2013 Product exports to Vietnam;

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