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County Standing Committee, United Front Minister Zhang Xiaomei in the county party secretary, county people's Congress Standing Committee Director Gu Jianhua and other county leaders to accompany the company to visit the study



Deputy secretary of the county, county magistrate Liu Yubin to visit the company



County People's Congress Standing Committee Party Secretary, the first deputy director Wang Jincheng visit the exhibition hall



CPPCC Chairman Zhao Yongjuan, vice chairman of the National People's Congress Yiping, county agricultural business president Xu Min and other leaders to visit the R & D center



County Standing Committee, executive vice governor Yili Min to the company inspection



  County CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Xuehai led his unit to the company inspection



Chairman Lin Zhaocheng and the Thai Culture Promotion Committee Vice Chairman Zhong Canfeng posed for pictures



Chairman Lin Zhaocheng and former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Pini photo


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