Advanced equipment

In recent years, Shandong Zhongkun Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. has placed the research and development business in an important strategic position, established a new research and development concept, and emphasized that it should not only keep up with the changes of the market, but also focus on the development of the future market: not only must In order to meet the needs of the public, it is also necessary to guide their consumption orientation. While pursuing technological advancement, the public's understanding and recognition of technology should be taken into account.
In 2013, the company was equipped with professional technical force and established a large-scale comprehensive laboratory and R&D center. In order to cooperate with the research and development system. The company has also strengthened and adjusted the functions related to research and development, grasped the trend of social development, and helped itself to formulate research and development plans. Apply research and development results.
Recently, the company has been approved by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology for the research and development project of heavy-duty replacement-free anhydrous coolant, and established Weifang Natural Gas Engine Lubricating Oil Engineering Technology Research and Development Center.